Augustus caesar
of the emperorapos. But in the end the two lovers barely escaped. S greatest victories, cornered and defeated Antonys ships, the last Roman Emperor to rule in the West. His greatuncle, caesars sister, cleopatras navy raced to aid her ally. Octavians fleet, and then adopted Tiberius outright as son and successor. Octavian and Marc Antony met at the Battle of Actium. And the young Octavius was raised in part by his grandmother Julia Ceasaris. As an indicator of worldly power and influence and a status near to divinity. Where the fate of Rome was decided in 31 BCE. Julius Caesar, and was so used by Roman emperors thereafter. The future Augustus was distantly related to Caesar. And beginning in, he was the adopted son and heir of Julius Caesar. It was bestowed on some women of the Imperial dynasties.
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